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Palenque Tours is fully committed to responsible tourism. It has been certified by one of the most recognized international experts regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

By obtaining the TourCert certificate we commit ourselves to responsible tourism. Our management and information system are designed under the standards of TourCert and have been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert label commits us to continually improve the environmental aspects, labor conditions, client information, as well as to establish fair trade relations. The agreements with our service providers take in consideration environmental, sociocultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, elaboration and selection of our tour offers.

Please find below some of our social projects within Colombia.

The department of Chocó in Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. Its pristine rivers and rainforests are home to a highly diverse flora and fauna. Palenque Tours is very proud to be part of the Chocó Community Tourism Alliance.

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance is a project led by Palenque Tours (the commercial representative chosen by the native communities) that gathers 4 districts of Nuquí, Coquí, Joví, Termales and Playa Blanca which are located between the forest and the Colombian Pacific coast within the Tribugá Gulf. The purpose of touristic plans led by locals in their natural settings is that local communities and organizations will benefit and generate responsible, sustainable income for the region while promoting the care of the environment and a culture of balanced leadership.

Community based tourism is an example of sustainable tourism that generates lasting social, economic and environmental benefits. It also maintains the physical and cultural integrity, the biological diversity and the environmental quality of the region.

10% of the revenues generated by this form of socially responsible ecotourism are redistributed to local communities and invested in different projects regarding health, education and infrastructure. Our tour Local Communitiy Project & Pristine Nature takes you to the local communities on the pacific coast.

Casa Kolacho is a project in, what was formerly known as Medellín´s most dangerous neighborhood, the Comuna 13. Today, it is internationally recognized as an example of how innovative urban regeneration projects can be used to transform and revitalize communities.

Jeihhco, the founder of Casa Kolacho, is a talented hip hop artist. He and the other co-founders promote the message of peace through hip hop music, graffiti, break dance and DJing. Casa Kolacho works without government support and all of its members are volunteers—it’s the cause that matters to them, not the money.

Casa Kolacho artists are responsible for over 90% of the graffiti art you’ll see in Comuna 13.

Ask us for the Medellin Graffiti experience that is also part of our Medellín & Santa Elena tour and actively contribute to the work of Casa Kolacho and its students. 

Asofagua (Asociación de Familias Guardabosques)


Asofagua, a United Nations program, receives displaced families in Antioquia and helps them to work in the production and commercialization of cacao. They also raise awareness about the necessity of environmental protection. The UN Development Program supported the foundation of the association in order to give displaced families and former coca-farmers a chance to make a living from legal and environmentally friendly products, like cacao or coffee. Families get help and support through different projects based on agroforestry, which enables small producers and rural communities in the town of San Francisco de Sales to make a living.

The revenues from this project of socially responsible ecotourism help the association and families to create and make progress in their projects. The tour is included in our package East Antioquia – Jungle, Waterfalls, Chocolate & Sugarcane.
Be sure you buy some of their exquisite chocolate at the end of your trip!

El Faisan

This foundation located in the community of San Luis, eastern Antioquia, was created at the end of the 1980s. It is a family-run center dedicated to protect endangered or injured animals—mainly mainly reptiles—living in the rainforest. Once the animals are cured, they are released back into the wild.

El Faisan also raises awareness among the local population about the role of conservation. They work together with local communities to teach them about the biological importance of snakes for the ecosystem and undertake researches about reptiles, especially snakes. They also have a convention with the Theme Park “Hacienda Napoles” to exhibit the species while educating the visitors.

Every tour supports the eco-shelter financially and therefore helps them to rescue and rehabilitate Antioquia’s endangered animals.

Laura was born on the 14th of March 1992. She suffers from the Down Syndrome. She started painting and drawing since 1995 through the Creative Therapy, using different techniques such as acrylic, printing, engraving, dactylography, palette knife, magic mirror and collage. Her passion for painting is deep, she expresses emotions and she communicates constantly with different ways through her art.
She uses color with happiness, astonishment, fascination and delight for life. She participated in various exhibitions. She was awarded the prize “Examplary Envigadeña (citizen of Envigado)“.
Palenque Tours supports Laura’s work, if you also want to bring your support, we invite you to discover her colored art.


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