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 Round Trips

Our Round Trips take you all around Colombia, offering you a perfect mix between its cities, beaches and authentic culture.
Our experienced guides will show you Colombia’s most famous places as well as its hidden treasures.

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Our goal is to create a customized Colombian vacation that matches your travel style, budget and timing.

Palenque Tours and Responsible Tourism

Our goal at Palenque Tours is to offer a sustainable and unique way to travel through Colombia.
At the same time we want to improve life quality of local communities. We are taking action on
and social sustainability, involving every provider, every guide, all of our staff and the local population.

Meet Our Team

At Palenque Tours we want to make a difference in Colombia through social and ethically responsible tourism. We are familiar with Colombia’s culture and history,  since after 15 years of traveling and living in the country, we know the real, authentic Colombia all over. We respect and appreciate this culture and want the people who travel with us to feel the same way.

With Palenque Tours you discover this wonderful country with all your senses: Listen to the stories of a coffee farmer, make new friends in the spurs of the Andes and play with the children in the department of Chocó that is located on the pacific coast.

Thanks to our personalized tours you are going to experience exactly what wakes your passion. Whether you are an adventurous coffee lover, a good-natured rainforest explorer, a curious green highland-hiker or a dynamic, edgy urban-fanatic – at Palenque Tours we design your unique Colombia tour.


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